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The Truth About Your Fertilizer


The "Cides": Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides

  • Do you hear on the news about all the dangerous pesticides that everyone uses to kill their weeds?

  • Do you worry about children playing in the grass in their bare feet?

  • Do you ever wonder if the reason we have diseases is that most of our community is using harmful pesticides?

  • Do you hear of pets having skin conditions or rare illnesses?

  • Are you curious as to why our climate is changing so much, and how it is related to our soil?​

Knowledge is POWERFUL. 

When you know better, you can do better! For many years we treated yards in the area with harsh chemicals as we were taught. Now times have changed, we have learned what all these harsh chemicals are doing to our world.

Why is Organic Lawn Care Better Than Conventional Methods?

Synthetic lawn treatment products do give immediate results, but they're usually short-lived and cause a slew of other issues down the line. Our biggest challenge is competing with companies using "conventional" lawn treatment chemicals that have become the norm.


In truth, chemical lawn care programs actually cause plant undernourishment, which leads to problems.

A Vicious, Harmful Cycle 

When spraying weeds with chemical poisons, not only does this kill all microbes in your soil (which makes your soil lose its life), but these chemicals lead to your yard and plants being vulnerable and exposed. When your grass, trees, and plants are vulnerable, they'll be prey to weeds, sod webworms, and insect pests. 


We wish that were the worst of it. These harmful chemicals also sneak into our foods, water supply, air, and into our bloodstream. Conventional fertilizing chemicals are linked to major human diseases like Alzheimer's, diabetes mellitus, hemoglobin disorders, damage to the respiratory and vascular system, and cancer. 

Times, They Are A-Changing: Trends Towards Organic Lawns

But thankfully, there's hope. Lawn care trends are changing as people are starting to become more environmentally conscious and are looking for greener and healthier options for caring for their lawns and their homes. As this demand has risen, more organic products have become available for eco-conscious homeowners. We were introduced to some of these products a year before starting our business, and have had incredible results using them in our family's, friends', and neighbor's yards. We saw firsthand that by using healthier products that actually feed the soil and create a better environment for the grass, our products were providing natural weed reduction, too! 


More than a year has passed since we began providing this service for friends, family, and neighbors, and we couldn't be happier with the results we've been getting!

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