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Greener Lawns Using Greener  Methods


Organics promote life in the soil. 
Chemicals destroy it.

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. Well, that applies to plants, too. Depleted soils won't support healthy lawns and shrubs. Chemical fertilizers are only a band-aid, one that pollutes the environment. What your lawn needs to be its healthy best is real food! 


Feeding, Not Treating. Unlike conventional fertilizers made of synthetic chemicals, our organic fertilizer not only feeds the grass but also the soil. Adding organic matter back into the soil as a food source for microbes is the key to healthy soil that creates lusher, healthier grass with strong, deep roots. Lawns respond faster and stay greener when the right nutrients are applied. Families can feel comfortable with their children and pets after a soil feeding. 

Eco-Friendly. Kingwood Fertilizing is excited to introduce you to products for your lawn and shrubs that are an organic, high-performance option that's good for the 4 Ps: plants, people, pets, and the planet.

Healthier Soil.  A good question to ask anyone who is going to apply fertilizer to your yard is, "When you apply this product will it help or hurt my soil?" The cardinal answer is  " Do not harm your soil." The big difference between the Organic way and the Chemical way is that the Organics promote life and Chemicals destroy it. When Soil is destroyed you will start to notice that you need more additional treatments for disease, insects, and weeds. 


Healthy Weed Control. We know from being in the business for so many years that weeds are big issues in Kingwood. We are so thankful that Organic products are being made to be able to reduce weeds as your yard becomes healthier from soil and plant nutrition. Weeds are choked out as more and more strong, lush, green grass blades start growing in the well-nourished soil. It's amazing to watch the process work without all the harmful pesticides that we were all using for years that did nothing but harm our yards and cause more weeds each year.

We can't wait for you to see the results!

Our lawn program consists of fertilizing with organic products that feed the soil to improve soil conditions that will increase the resilience of your yard to heat, cold, pest, disease, and weed reduction.


First, we test your soil to inspect its condition and root density, then provide individualized treatments at different intervals based on what your lawn actually needs.


Additional benefits with monthly service include: 

  • Personalized recommendations for a watering schedule

  • Personalized recommendations of improved disease and pest management through early detection

  • Healthy Yard guaranteed 

After taking the organic journey with us, our customers see healthier, thicker lawns and shrubs with deeper roots, not to mention a yard that is safe for everyone, including your kids and pets, with NO toxic chemicals to worry about. 

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