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Shrub & Plant Care

At Kingwood Fertilizing, we are passionate about helping you achieve a flourishing and vibrant yard using the power of organic methods. Our services prioritize the well-being of people, pets, and the environment while promoting water conservation and drought resilience. Discover why organic plant fertilization is the key to healthy and long-lasting shrubs and plants.

Why Organic Shrub & Plant Care?

At Kingwood Fertilizing, we believe in the power of organic fertilization to create yards that are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. Our organic approach offers numerous benefits:

  • Safe for people and pets 

  • Conserve water

  • Good for the environment

  • Long-lasting health

  • Less Expensive than chemicals

Customized Plant Bed Analysis

Our experts begin by assessing your beds' unique needs. We consider factors like soil composition, plant types, and microclimate to create a tailored fertilization plan.


Organic Fertilization Application

We use premium organic fertilizers rich in essential nutrients. These nutrients are released slowly, ensuring your plants receive a consistent and balanced feeding. It also will not burn your plants. Organic fertilizer is long lasting and does not wash away. 


Weed & Pest Management

Our organic approach doesn't stop at fertilization. You will see that our program will reduce the stress in your beds, thus reducing the amount of pests, weeds, and diseases. A healthy yard will keep the weeds at a minimum. 


Aeration and Soil Managment 

Our organic method will improve soil structure, root health, and nutrient absorption without having to hire someone to aerate your yard. 


Expert Guidance

 We believe in educating our clients about proper organic yard care. Our team will happily provide tips and guidance to maintain your yard's health between our visits.

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Request A Quote

By choosing Kingwood Fertilizing, you're choosing a greener, more sustainable approach to landscape care. We're here to help you achieve a stunning, drought-resistant yard that's safe for your family, pets, and the environment. Contact us today to learn more about our organic plant and shrub fertilization services by calling 281-358-FERT (3378)

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