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Mosquito Control


Safe and Simple

Mosquito Control Solutions

Kingwood Fertilizing and In2Care® Mosquito Control Systems are working together to eliminate mosquitoes with unique, customized traps that protect your home and the community. The In2Care® mosquito control system eliminates the need for dangerous fogging that pollutes the environment, uses no chemicals, and is safe for use around pets, kids, and wildlife else. It is a natural, cost-effective method to remove annoying and disease-carrying mosquitos from your yard and around your home. The units even look like flower pots, so they fit right into the landscaping of your yard. With Kingwood Fertilizing and In2Care®, you can finally enjoy a mosquito-free outdoor living space in Texas.

The In2Care® system is used around the world to reduce dangerous mosquito populations to control the spread of diseases like Zikavirus, Dengue fever, malaria, and more. It can also reduce the chance of dogs being infected with heartworm, which is carried by mosquitos, too. Learn more about the In2Care® Mosquito Control System offered by Kingwood Fertilizing by watching this short, informative video. Then, let us give you a free quote on how to get your yard free of mosquitos. We are an approved In2Care® dealer ready to help you out!

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