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Thriving Lawns
The Natural Way


Break The Cycle


For grass to grow thick and green, it needs healthy soil to support it. That doesn't happen with conventional fertilizers and synthetic chemicals, which promote plant growth while failing to establish a healthy, natural root system.


Lawns managed with conventional treatments also require continuous applications of chemical weedkillers to keep grass from being strangled out by weeds. It is a never-ending cycle of trying to make grass grow without actually providing it with what it really needs to do it: organic nourishment. All those chemicals create toxic lawns and pollute the environment, too. 

Best fertilizer for St Augustine grass - Humble, Kingwood, Atascosita, TX

Organic products applied on right side of lawn

Our Organic Biological Fertilizing Method

A better approach (the one that we use at Kingwood Fertilizing) is to create a strong root system by improving the soil.


Using effective, natural formulas that provide beneficial nutrients and organic matter that actually gets absorbed, our program reestablishes a healthy soil full of natural microbes that oxygenate it, feed it, and feed the plants growing in it. It provides a better foundation for grassroots to be nourished by the water and nutrients in the soil so they grow thicker and deeper, making a greener, fuller lawn.


The stronger and denser the grass root system is, the less space there is for weeds, too.

Organics create life in the soil. The biology makes each watering last longer which reduces water use and cost. On average, during the summer months, 80% of water use will be for irrigation, and of that 40% is wasted. The reason 40% of total water use is wasted is because of poor soils, poor or no irrigation systems, poor scheduling, and not understanding how important it is to take care of your soil.



A Beautiful, Healthy, GREEN Lawn: We Guarantee It!


When you use our service, we help you every step of the way to improve the soil conditions through natural means that will increase the resilience of your lawn to heat, cold, pests, and diseases.


We offer a 100% Healthy Yard Guarantee! 

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