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Our family has called "The Livable Forest" home since 1982, so Kingwood and its surrounding neighborhoods are near and dear to us. As graduates of Kingwood High School, choosing this wonderful place to settle down and raise our own family was a no-brainer. Since then, we've worked more than 25 years in the green industry, doing our part to keep Kingwood greener and gaining loads of experience every step of the way.

Our Natural Lawn Care Journey


Lawn care is what we do, and to say we are passionate about it is an understatement!  We're so passionate that our teenage son came to us one day and told us he was ready to be an entrepreneur, follow his dreams, and start-up an organic fertilizing company.

When we asked him why, his answer was simple: "Because Dad always talked about having an organic fertilizing company where he could make a difference, and I want to be his partner." For years, we've talked about how much destruction conventional lawn chemicals wreak on the environment, and how homeowners need more natural and organic options available to help keep their families, homes, and environments safe. 


We started searching for the best organic products that provided results, talked with experts, and even studied organic lawn care with a mentor. As they say, the rest is history! Now, not only are we making a positive environmental impact in our neighborhood, town, and our planet, but we have a cherished family business that our children can continue and grow in the future. 

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There's a great film on Netflix called Kiss the Ground that really makes you look at the world differently and inspires some great choices for the future of our environment!

Kingwood, TX: Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care

Making customers happy by making yards green and comfortable the non-toxic way is our top priority. 

We thank you for considering our business, and for your commitment to environmental protection! We look forward to talking with you.

- The Kingwood Fertilizing Family

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